Friday, April 27, 2018

Anybody want my Avengers web domains?

Hello Person from Disney/Marvel Studios, etc.

I purchased two websites today, on a whim.

I own and (I set them up to redirect to this post.)

But I don't want them.

I want to trade them for the chance to come to the movie premiere in LA or something fun like that. I'm much more interested in a fun experience than owning these domains or some big payday. Besides, you probably would have much more use for them than I would.

Let's set something up!

Email me at gimmedatavengers at Gmail Dot Com or DM me on twitter or Reddit. and let's figure it out!


Your fan,
A Guy In A Chair

UPDATE (12/7/18) - Trailer broke today. Love the title!!!

UPDATE (12/7/18). I set up the sites to redirect to the Deadpool movie website. That looks like a fun little indy film that could use the extra buzz. Fingers crossed that R.Reynolds sends me a sword or something. That would be fun!


  1. I think this was a really endearing attempt buddy. I just hope for your sake, you got the title right. Because is $10,000. lol.

  2. When will avengers 4 trailer arrive

  3. Hey congrats! Also, hi Walt Disney Company!

  4. Good for you bud... I hope they work something out with you! I stood by EndGame as the title as well, especially after Joe Russo released that black and white photo that obviously had "Endgame" hidden in it. Unfortunately, Disney might take this as Blackmail and just go with but I think you should at least get something for landing deuces on this roll of the dice.(;

  5. Nevermind, I see you got both Domains. Very determined, give this determined fan a Win Disney!